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Indigenous House Consulting

SERVICES (wellness)

  • Cultural Ambassadors/Educators/Wellness Practitioners - Training, coaching, curriculum development and facilitation 

  • Community Organizing, Event Coordination,  Planning & Outreach - Specialists at organizing, coordinating and hosting events, forums and fund raisers

  • TAY (Transitional Age Youth) - Specialist in working with youth, leadership development, peer support, wellness groups and curriculum design

  • Keynote Speakers/Trainers/Presenters - Coalition of industry leaders, professionals, educators and public speakers Curriculum Development/Support/Grant Writing

  • Art Therapy/Wellness Coaching - Provide classes, incubation and retreat for individuals and organizations

  • Curriculum Design, Grant Writing - Experts at development and curriculum design, grant writing and support


Below are a few programs created and run by Indigenous House Consulting

Sankofa Media &  Arts Project

This project provides a critical lens and analysis of film, music, art, history and literature as it pertains to current race relations, culture and identity.  Grounded in the principles of Ma’at (Truth, Justice, Righteousness, Harmony, Reciprocity, Balance and Order), this exploration of self is designed to help students find their voice, purpose and healing paths to their authentic self.  This class also addresses stereotypes, , identity, racism and prejudices and will provide youth participant’ creative outlets and tools for self-expression, journalism and the spoken word to share, narrate and create their own stories and journeys of struggle, awareness and triumph.

Culture Broker Academy

The CULTURE BROKER ACADEMY is a trauma-informed, social-change program designed to empower youth to become “Culture Brokers” in their communities. This youth oriented strategy addresses the mental health needs and concerns caused by high levels of trauma in their communities. Through cultural knowledge taught in the Academy youth are able to increase their resiliency, learn to problem solve, and build confidence in making choices that support their wellness and healthy connections in their communities.

Sankofa Sessions

This wellness-based and culturally impactful curriculum addresses mental health challenges like trauma, anxiety and depression.

The Sankofa Sessions teach art, history and science from the African Diaspora, and includes various other indigenous cultures to heal historical and generational trauma, and positively impact current day behavior and attitudes.


The project validates the stories from our youth and adult allies to recognize and celebrate their survival and resiliency.

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