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Be Well Natural

Christopher & Celana Pearson L.Ac

In the spirit of synergy and holism Christopher brings together a myriad of professional experience. Experiences ranging from anti-oppression and diversity training to coaching youth basketball, Christopher applies the awareness these experiences have provided toward his healing practice. He has obtained a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from AIMC Berkeley, a BA in Psychology with a Minor in Religious Studies from SDSU, and an OBT, Oriental body therapist, from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.


Celana, has been working in supporting healthy communities for her entire adult life. Beginning at San Francisco State University, she studied Health Science with a emphasis in Community Public Health. Working at Alcohol Policy Network for 5 years, she supported the youth participatory action research projects in Oakland working with the Alameda County Public Health Department in it's youth development initiative. . As a Community Advisory Board member and then the Program Manager of Health Through Art, she supported art with positive messages in public spaces. Now she and her husband run Be Well Natural, a wellness clinic in Oakland and enjoys raising her 3 boys and edible garden.

Christopher Wallace

Christopher Wallace, professional experience: director of NPS/residential treatment facility for youth suffering from a number of mental health issues. For 24yrs I have been able to develop my therapeutic talents to alleviate the profound emotional suffering. I have also worked with facilitating groups providing somatic education, FMS and Martial arts to support students with mind & body integration.


BA in psychology and currently attend Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training working toward Lic. Employed at Willow Rock Crisis stabilization Unit for youth as crisis counselor. 1st degree black belt kajukenbo. 2nd degree Guro Filipino based mixed martial arts (ESKABO DAAN).

Kele Nitoto

Kele Nitoto is a second-generation African American percussionist. Having studied with Masters of many styles, Kele has become proficient in West African, Congolese, Afro-Cuban,Afro-Peruvian , and Afro-Haitian traditional drumming.

Since 1993 Kele has performed throughout California with such groups as the children's group S.U.D.U.A. House, Award Winning modern dance ensemble Dimensions Dance Theater, Haitian group Project Reconnect, The Peruvian Dance Ensemble, Congolese troupes Ballet Lisanga, and Internationally renowned Fua Dia Congo.

A co-founder the Black Dot Artist Collective, Kele has also become one of the Bay Area’s most sought after percussionists for R+B, Hip-Hop and Jazz.

Bobby Pope

Bobby Pope received his Bachelors Degree in African-American Studies from San Francisco State University and his Master’s Degree from University San Francisco in Sports and Fitness Management. He presently is a part-time faculty member in the Physical Education Department at Laney College and the Facilitator for the Alameda County African American Prostate Health Support Group. Mr. Pope is also a research interviewer on two University of California at San Francisco Prostate Health studies and a Committee Member of the Alameda County Department of Health/UCSF Helen Diller Family Cancer Research Center Men’s Health Committee.

Kumi Rauf

Creator of the I Love Being Black Cultural Movement, Kumi Rauf is also the creative technical mind behind applications with various purposes such as: finding cheap travel deals, listing current 911 call info on a map, & social media strategy execution.

Rauf is an award­ winning businessman with several recognitions under his belt, including being an officer and chair for the National Society of Black Engineers; a recipient of the Urban League Top 40 Under 40 award; awarded most successful app developer by Novacoast; a high school mentor; and collegiate track and field athlete. He has shared his knowledge and experience with a diverse mix of audiences via radio appearances, one­-on­one seminars, conferences and more.    He recently just launched his own travel company ( which is focused on taking more people of color back to our indigenous roots and origins.


Our community is composed of beautiful collaborative organizations and individuals who ALL have unique experiences and expertise in their varied backgrounds.  When we come together to create, build, grow and implement programs and events - it's magic!  

Douglas A. Stewart (Pharoah),

Executive Director

Educator. Art Therapist. Poet.

Life Coach.​ Keynote Speaker.  Community Organizer. Business Consultant

Cultural Preservation:

Through our organization's community efforts, programming and art gallery/tea house, our mission is to research, analyze and address cultural trends, impacts, displacement and disparity via technology, the media, real estate  and mental health both past and present tense, for people of color and of the diaspora.   Our organization's programming also addresses stereotypes, racism and prejudices and provides communities training and opportunities in eSTEAM (Ecology, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). 


We are a collective of artists, educators, wellness providers, musicians and technology professionals that help curate space, facilitate workshops, host performances, workshops and events that support creative outlets, artists communities and support local entrepreneurship.


Our target geographic reach are under-served artists, youth and community.  One of our programs, the Sankofa Media Project is a trauma-informed, social-change project designed to empower people to become curators of media, content and narrative or “Culture Brokers” in their respective communities. This wellness-based and culturally impactful curriculum addresses mental health challenges like trauma, anxiety and depression that have ties to race relations and multi-generational oppression.  The Sankofa Media Project incorporates multi-media, history and science from the African Diaspora, and includes various other indigenous cultures to heal historical and generational trauma, and positively impact current day behavior and attitudes such as vacant self esteem, propensity for anger & violence and internalized racism.


IHC aka “Indigenous Tea House” has hosted several events under the themed acronyms (Soul Sunday Medicine and the Herb’n Soul Kitchen).  These were events held at select venues, galleries and homes to highlight the culinary arts and cuisine experience. 


Performance Art (spoken word, dance, etc) - (IHC) under the same auspices of (Soul Sunday Medicine, Herb’n Soul Kitchen and Indigenous Tea House) have supported the arts, culture and community in a variety of events, private parties and performances.  At these venues, both local and international artist have performed and shared their contributions to the arts via spoken word, live musicianship, dance and tech/multimedia and education.


IHC supports the local economy by providing artisans a community space to build, exchange and market their crafts and services.  Workforce and training needs are  met while offering culinary/hospitality training, management skills, and hands on experience for young adults and under-served communities while breaking the school to prison pipeline and opportunities for those coming out of incarceration.


Local farmers, restaurant owners and artisans alike have a consistent and sustainable venue and marketplace that will provide year around access for community members and visitors who to patronize and support our local community.

TUNE IN to Rise Up Radio on and listen to Pharoah and Shanette rock the radio waves about a variety needed topics, solutions, culture and great music.

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